Viscount Pools of Metro Detroit: Products & Services

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“To provide quality service, a nurturing atmosphere for employees, contribute to the community, and enrich family life through a variety of products that help people enjoy great times, right at home!”

Viscount’s ultimate goal since 1967 is that relationships among customers and employees continue to grow years after a purchase is made and goes beyond the basic in-store interactions into surrounding communities. Our strong belief in our products and manufacturers (such as Legacy Billiards, Swimline, Natural Chemistry, etc.) allows us to provide high-quality service to customers and the community.

Viscount Pool Products

Viscount Pool offers a wide range of swimline, billiard tables in all sizes and hot tubs, etc. You can get a variety of pool tables and other accessories from here. Let’s have a look at what kind of products it offers.

Viscount Swimming Pools

Viscount swim line

It offers a wide range of swimming pools for users. The most wanted product among them is called silver interlude. Usually, the manufacturer offers 3 years warranty to cover 100% defects against the product. These swimming pools come with a corrugated galvanized steel wall that’s 25% heavier than a conventional swimming pool. You have a choice to get it in the round and oval shape according to space in your place.

Viscount Hot Tubs

Viscount hot bathing tubs

These hot tubs come with therapeutic effects. A hot water bath relaxes your muscles and prepares you for another hectic day. You get rid of muscular and backaches instantly. These hot tubs have been used in the rehabilitation centers for patients and in the sports centers for players. So, these premium hot tubs can be everyone’s first choice if he has muscular pain or a hectic routine of work.

Viscount Legacy Pool Tables

Viscount Ella 7 ft tables

Viscount offers a wide range of Legacy pool tables in different sizes. You can determine the accurate size of the pool table by using the measurements online. Even, you can select the pool cloth and its color. Viscount brings all sizes of the pool tables according to your room.

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