Guide to Determine the Room Size for Pool Tables

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The best thing to do before buying a pool table is to measure the room you want to install the pool table in. It is imperative that customers measure first in order to make sure that you will have adequate playing space! Imagine buying a brand new table… and it’s too big for space you put it in! Your walls will have scratches, marks, and potentially small holes if this is the case! Of course, we carry pool sticks called “troubleshooters,” that are shorter than your average playing stick, but is that what you want to play with all the time? I didn’t think so.

So let us help you! If you bring in the measurements of the room you would like to have a pool table put in, our professional pool table installation team can show you the right-sized tables for that space! Typically, most pool tables are sold in 8′, but for those with a smaller space, pool tables are also made in 7′ or you can even go bigger with a 9′ table! So how do you know what room size you need for a pool table? We’ve created a guide for room sizes for pool tables! Keep in mind, these sizes are calculated for playing with a full-size standard cue (58 in.)

Measurements for room size


7 ft Pool Table: 3.5’ x 7’

Playing area: 38” x 76”

A – 11’ 6” x 14’ 6”

B – 12’ x 15’

C – 13’ x 16’

7 ft Pool Table: Usually, this type of pool table is perfect for pool halls, bars, and restaurants. These pool tables are smaller in size and occupy less space. It means, you can put more tables in a smaller space and more players can join the game. The accurate measures can be followed as given above.

8 ft Pool Table: 4’ x 8’

Playing area: 46” x 92”

A – 12’ x 16’

B – 12’ 6” x 16’ 6”

C – 13’ 16” x 17’ 6”

It’s a perfect sized pool table for a standard home. You will find them suitable for your home. If you want to get more playing area than a playing surface i.e. table, it’s a good option for you.

8 ft Pool Table: 4’ x 8’ [Professional’s Choice]

Playing area: 44” x 88”

A – 12’ x 15’ 6”

B – 12’ 6” x 16’

C – 13’ 6” x 17’

This pool table is perfect for professionals because more often, they prefer a pro 8 table in tournaments. If you want to play like a professional, it brings more action because of more playing surface. However, it’s not a choice of professionals always. This size of pool table is also suitable for casual players if they have a bit more spacious room.

9 ft Pool Table: 4.5’ x 9’

Playing area: 50” x 100”

A – 12’ 6” x 16’ 6”

B – 13’ x 17’

C – 14’ x 18’

This size of pool table is, particularly for professionals. It brings more fun while playing. If you have watched any WPA pool tournament on TV, it’s the same pool table. You will enjoy the snooker with great amusement while playing on the supreme sized pool table.

Troubleshooter Cues

Of course, not every room or every house will fit these exact dimensions, but that’s not a big problem. You can get the services of a professional pool table installation team. If you’re looking to put a table in your basement, that’s again not a problem. You can use the smaller cues rather than the standard 58 inches cue. The troubleshooter cues are available in all sizes such as 24 in., 30 in., 36 in., 42 in., 48in., and 52 in. You can use these troubleshooter cues in the basement or in the congested place. Moreover, you can use them if you have put the pool table in a corner.

Another great use for our troubleshooter cues is for children! If you find your children are having troubleshooting with a full-size cue, bring them in, check our tables above to determine the right size of the pool table. And since they are weighted just like a full-size cue, they won’t have much adjusting to do when they move up to a normal size cue!

For a pool table installation, you can hire the services of an expert team. The professional team can check the room to determine the best place for your pool table.

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