Best 3 Elite Pool Cues Reviews

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Elite pool cues are manufactured and aimed at showing off simple, yet different wood designs inlayed into their shafts. The pool cues are offered with either no wrap, or black Irish linen wrap, and only use the most exotic woods in all of their products. The pool cues are also made with 3/8 X 10 joints and 13 mm. Tiger Everest tips. Elite cues also feature joint protectors, 5-point quality controls; they are weight adjustable and have extra shafts available for purchase. The Elite pool cue line offers 16 different designs, ranging in price from $129 – $245.

Elite Series 01 Pool Stick


Elite pool stick


Along with their main line of pool sticks, Elite also offers 2 types of Sneaky Pete cues. One is available in 16 0z. only, and has 12.5 mm. hard leather tip and no wrap. While the other Sneaky Pete cue has white with green linen wrap and its weight is adjustable. Elite also manufactures a jump cue that is made of rosewood; it has a 13.5 mm. phenotic tip, an ivorine III fiber linen ferrule, a wood-to-wood joint, a quick-release pin, and a hard rock maple shaft that allows ultimate performance from the cue.

This line of pool cues also manufactures three break cues, including a heavy break cue that features a phenotic tip and ferrule combo, a wood pin, a steel collar, and weighs in at a whopping 27 oz. for maximum power. Another break cue is available that is comprised of rosewood, has a phenotic tip and ferrule combo, a wood-to-wood joint and is offered in 18 oz. – 21 oz. weights. The las break cue that Elite makes is called a “light-break cue.” This cue features a phenotic tip and ferrule combo, wood pin, and is only offered in a 15 oz. weight.

Elite 4


Elite 04 pool stick

This pool stick comes with a supreme quality ash-wood handle. The cleat is made from exotic hardwood for a premium look. It’s excellent at spinning. Elite pool stick comes with 0.394 inches tip. The brass brush and gasket accompanies the pool cue. The product has a 1-year warranty and available at an economic price. The lower deflection shaft is around 5/16 x 18.

Elite Heavy Break Cue

Elite Heavy billiard stick

Pool players prefer it for more action due to the fine quality structure. It has a phenolic tip and ferrule for more power as compared to a conventional leather tip. The wood pin into the shaft gives the cue more power. Make sure; you can handle this cue because it’s not for everyone. Remember, this pool cue has been banned by various leagues. It’s because the weight of the stick is a bit heavier than the traditional cue. However, you need more power to control the cue for unbeatable performance.

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