3 Best Places in Metro Detroit for Swimmers

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Do you love swimming? It’s a good activity for fitness and strength. If you are in Metro Detroit and looking for a suitable place for swimming, check our guide here. We have brought some best swimming pools in Metro Detroit.

1. Rouge Park

Rouge park metro detroit

It’s the biggest park in Metro Detroit and has larger swimming pools. You can perform different activities besides swimming while visiting it. The park has two high-class magnificent swimming pools that remain open seven days a week. However, you can enter the rouge park by paying $2/person. Besides the swimming pools, you can perform horse riding, tracking, and many other activities.

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2. Pinckney Recreation Area

Best place for swimmers in Metro Detroit

It satisfies your aesthetic sense and makes you calm and peaceful. The recreation area consists of 11,000 acres of land. You can explore the area and you can enjoy your time fishing and swimming. However, don’t neglect PFAS warnings regarding fish eating. Moreover, you can rent a campsite too, but the fee is a must for that. But other recreational activities are free if you hold a recreation passport for Pinckney Recreation Area.

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3. Kensington Metropark

Metropark in Metro Detroit

Another amazing recreational place where you are in the company of sensuous nature. It allures you from all sides. You can perform different activities to spend a memorable day such as fishing, swimming, tracking, and exploring the natural forest around the park. For swimmers, Kent Lake has two beautiful beaches and numerous casual hiking trails. It’s basically popular for rare animals and birds species. Every entry costs $10/vehicle.

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