Best Ways to Test Your Pool or Spa Water!!

The accuracy of the home tests can be questionable. We recommend bringing in a water test upon opening, closing, after a large rain and every few weeks throughout the season to have it tested by a Certified Pool and Spa Professional. The more accurate the water analysis, there are some efficient methods to address hazards, performance, and pool maintenance.

There are a few different test methods to use at home. We will see how these methods work and which one is more effective.

1. Dip and Read Test Strip

Mercury testing strips for pool water

The most popular is the dip and read test strips. This method gives you a quick parameter or range of your water quality. These are most commonly used to verify that the water contains chlorine. More involved testing is necessary for this method. Besides chlorine, it shows the quantity of mercury in the pool water.

The dip and read testing strip comes with a circular sensing zone that’s consists of two layers. The top layer consists of a cellulose acetate membrane with immobilized urease. The lower layer contains a pH indicator impregnated with urea. If you notice that the yellow spot on the lower layer has disappeared when you dip the strip into the water, it shows the water has a high concentration of mercury (II) ions.

The testing strip can measure even the lowest quantity of mercury into the water. Remember, it’s equally useful to detect inorganic mercury and organomercury compounds. However, you can’t use it to measure the interference of “Ag(I), Cu(II), Cd(II), Ni(II), Zn(II) and Pb(II).

2. Drop Test Kit (Colorimetric)

Drop test kit for pool water

Another at-home method is the use of the drop test kit (Colorimetric). Users beware of these kits though. The drops need to be kept inside and out of sunlight. These kits only test for PH and Total Chlorine. It is very important to test your Alkalinity before attempting to adjust your PH. More involved testing is necessary with this method as well.

A drop test kit is easy to handle even by a layman. You don’t need to visit a laboratory to get the results. Only the testing kit is sufficient. No additional instruments are required. Besides, there is no ambiguity in the results because of the brilliant color scale and high-quality comparators provide you with accurate results. The drop test kit is a low-cost method to test the pool water for the presence of chlorine.

In the drop test, you take a water sample from the pool and add chemical reagents into it. After their reaction with the residues like copper, ammonia, and chlorine, they produce a color that’s matched with the color standards to detect the discoloration.

Note: If you are testing indoor water, use a special lamp to enhance the daylight for a proper color match. However, while testing outdoor, don’t match colors when the sunshine directly approaching your or to the water sample. It won’t let you test accurately.

The water testing is a science, and accurate results are very important. We understand that it can be hard to interpret test results. This is why it’s important to use the LaMotte, WaterLink system to test the water. This system ensures accurate results down to the decimal point.

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