Best Katana Pool Cues 2020: Kat-03 & Katana1

We bring some best pool sticks/cues in order to meet anyone’s, and everyone’s billiard needs. Some pool sticks are classy, but they are pricey and the players can’t afford them. If there are some affordable pool sticks, they aren’t of good quality. Here, we are going to discuss a brand that’s known for durability and reliability in pool sticks. An interesting fact is that these sticks are available at an affordable price. Let’s discuss Katana pool cues.

Why Choose Katana Pool Cues?

Currently, many brands are offering pool cues, but Katana holds a distinguished place among them. It’s because Katana offers a variety of durable pool cues at an affordable price. Katana pool cues come with a low deflection shaft for better performance. Every shaft features 10 piece radial construction for a smooth performance. Katana introduced the first line of billiards pool sticks in 2013. Since then, it’s offering a wide range of pool cues with a 12.5mm tip and a shortened 3/8” ferrule. So, you can show an optimal performance in the game by using it.

Even more, All Katana shafts and pool cues come with one year warranty from the manufacturer. If there is any defect or you are not satisfied with the product, you can exchange it.


Katana pool cue KAT-03

Katana Pool Cues offer a variety of upgrades; in turn, making the cue of higher quality in terms of both materials and construction. One unique attribute to the Katana pool cue is the 3/8 in. ferrule and 12.2 mm dime radius tip. This feature helps reduce the amount of cue ball “squirt” during play. The ferrule is the (normally white) piece between the tip of the stick and the wood portion of the stick. The butt end of the shaft uses a ferrule that is half the length with thinner walls to increase ball control.

The shaft is constructed with a 10-piece split radial, creating a natural spine which affects how the ball reacts upon impact. Rotating the cue even a quarter turn will change how the shaft performs. By splitting the shaft into 10 sections and alternating grain direction, Katana Pool Cues remove natural variances, providing lower deflection and more consistent results.

  • Low deflection shaft
  • Delivers smooth performance
  • Consistent results
  • High-quality material
  • 1-year warranty
  • Add much spin to the cue ball


Katana low deflection shaft

Katana 1 is a cue that’s poetically appropriate for a smooth game. It comes in cream color with inlaid 4 black points. The forearm area of these points has been outlined in smoke pearl. The stacked design of the smoked diamond pearlites has black rectangles. The tip 12.5mm and 3/8” fibre ferrule make your game finer and amazing. The best thing about Katana1 is its amazing low deflection shaft that measures 29”. The collar is made of stainless steel and a black double-pressed Irish linen wrap makes your grip stronger. The product comes with a 1-year warranty for a defect or damage.

These cues are weight adjustable, with 29” 10-piece protectors and an ivory-coloured shaft sleeve. You can buy your type of preferred case for complete protection when transporting the cue as well.

  • Delivers amazing performance
  • Low deflection shaft
  • 1-year warranty
  • Fine grip
  • No wooden collar


In addition to the eloquently designed 2-piece pool cues, Katana also offers other products such as pool cue cases, additional shafts and specialized shaft fittings. A break cue is also offered which contains a specialized and classified design. This highly specialized design features bamboo inserted into the brake shaft. Bamboo has one of the highest measured tensile strength levels of any materials found in the natural world. Its massive power to weight ratio makes it the perfect material to supercharge the Katana break shaft without extra power required by the player. On top of the bamboo infused break shaft, Katana also offers two different tips to choose from.

The first is an extended ferrule and increased tensile strength from the bamboo core. This adds both normal and effective mass to the shot, in order to generate greater power. The second tip offered is a shorter, black ferrule made to slightly absorb impact in order to improve control by the bamboo core and fibreglass tip.


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