3 Best Hot Tub Covers Reviews 2020

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The most common problem across the board with hot tub covers is they eventually become heavy and water-logged over time! It’s not just happening to you… it happens to everyone!

We carry a line of hot tub “Cover Lifters!” It is an assistive device that mounts to your hot tub cabinet, and helps make your life easier when getting in and out of your hot tub! Hot tubs are supposed to help relax your body… not strain it getting in and out!

Our line of Cover Lifters offers a sleek design that doesn’t require much room at all. They are built to last with time, especially in Michigan weather, and they come in a few different styles. We offer a side mount and an under-style mount. Come on in and test one out on one of our showroom models! Make your hot tub experience a little more relaxing than it already is!

1. Cover Valet NP509. Spa cover, Lift, and Trolley

Cover Valet hot tub cover

Dimensions: 28 x 12 x 40 inches

Color: Brown

Material: high-quality powder-coated aluminum

The latest design is fit for all spas. It’s easy to put-on and put-off. The spring works with gas to ensure easy removal of the cover. The size is adjustable and you can decrease/increase the size according to your preference. The reliability of the product is above-board because it’s made of high-quality powder-coated aluminum. Even more, the installation doesn’t take much time than a few minutes. It comes with 5 years warranty.

2. ULTCOVER Outdoor Waterproof 600D Polyester Square Whirlpool Bath Cover

ULTCOVER hot tub cover

Dimensions: 76 x 76 x 20 inches – 95 x 95 x 20 inches

Color: Light Brown

Material: Polyester

This premium quality hot-tub cover comes in four different sizes. It’s available for all sizes of Whirlpool hot tubs. The cover is made of 600D polyester and eco-friendly vinyl. It’s ultra-violet resistant and thought to resist dust, leaves, snow, rain and bird droplets, etc. The cover comes with 5 years warranty and sealed seams 100% guarantee. The cover is entirely waterproof and breathable. Two sides of the cover are opened for ventilation. The high-quality elastic cords keep it fitted on the hot tub against harsh winds and bad weather.

3. Classic Accessories Square Cover for Jacuzzi Porch, M, Pebble

classic accessories hot tub cover

Dimensions: 88 x 88 x 12 inches

Color: Brown

Material: Polyester

It’s available in medium and large sizes to cover your Jacuzi hot tub in square shape. The cover comes in a natural wood color brown finish. It’s completely waterproof and made of polyester fabric. The fabric is reliable for years if used with care. The manufacturer offers 3 years warranty for the product. If your hot tub size is 87 x 87 inches, you can select a medium-sized cover because it fits that finely.

So, guys, you can keep your hot tub safe and sound by using the above-mentioned covers. All of them are high-quality and reliable for years. These covers are adjustable and come with a warranty from manufacturers.

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