How to Vacuum an Above Ground Pool with a Sand Filter

By Cesar Riel

Vacuuming your pool to clear the debris and dust particles at the bottom of the pool is a routine task for all pool owners. Either you own an above ground pool or an inground swimming pool, cleaning the pool is critical to keep the water neat and clean. If you are wondering how to vacuum your above ground pool with a sand filter, you need to look no further. This article will explain all the steps you need to perform to vacuum an above ground pool filter.

How to Vacuum an Above Ground Pool with a Sand Filter

Time Required: 3-4 hours (depending on your pool size)

Difficulty Level: Beginner

Things Needed

  • Pool Vacuum
  • Pool Skimmers
  • Pool hoses

The Procedure

We suggest you read all the steps before starting to work and ensure that you have all the supplies ready before vacuuming.

Step 1: Preparing the Pool

prepare the pool for sand filter

Before starting the vacuuming process, you need to remove all the leaves, dirt, and debris floating on the pool surface. You can use a pool skimmer for this purpose. If you don’t have a pool skimmer, a garden rake will serve the purpose. Make sure that the garden rake is clean before putting it in the pool. Once the pool surface is free from floating elements, turn on the pool pump.

Step 2: Adjusting the Setting on the Filter

Your sand filter will have a vacuum setting on it. Move the valve to vacuum mode.

Step 3: Lowering the Vacuum Pump in the Water

lowering the sand filter

Once you have assembled the vacuum, lower it into the water, and ensure that its vacuum head touches the bottom of the pool. Make sure that the head stays in contact with the pool’s bottom. Now take the free end of the vacuum hose and hold it in front of the water inlet in your pool. It is done to ensure that all the air in the hose is eliminated. It will give you better results in the vacuuming process. Once the air bubbles stop emerging, pull the free end away from the water inlet. Please do not take the vacuum hose out; it must remain submerged in the water.

Step 4: Start the Vacuuming Process

Once the vacuum hose is filled with water, connect it to the vacuum plate and place it on top of the suction outlet to start the vacuuming process. Now move the vacuum head along the bottom of the pool slowly. You must cover the entire surface and suck all the particles in the pool. The vacuum will suck all the dirt, debris, sand, and other particles, and then they will be captured by the sand filter.

Step 5: Backwashing the Filter

The next step is to backwash the filter. You must not skip this step as it can affect the results of the entire process. If the filter is not backwashed, the dust gathered in the filter can also reduce its working capacity.

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Final Words

Now that you know how to vacuum your above ground pool with a sand filter, you can do the process yourself. If you don’t have a pool vacuum, you can rent one from a nearby rental outlet. If you are an avid swimmer and like to spend your evenings and weekends in the pool, we suggest you buy one.

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