How to Make an Above Ground Pool Look Nice – A Detailed Guide

By Cesar Riel

An above-ground pool without decorations and some additions may look awkward in your home. Luckily, some additions can be made to your above ground pool to make it appear nice. The good news is that some of the ideas won’t cost you much. In this article, we will discuss how to make your above ground pool look nice and make it attractive for everyone’s eyes. If done right, you can make your above ground pool look the most beautiful in the neighborhood, and your friends and family will be amazed by your skills.

How to Make an Above Ground Pool Look Nice

When landscaping around your above ground pool, you have complete freedom as compared to an in-ground pool. Unlike in-ground pools, the ideas are unlimited and depend upon your budget. You can put in your heart and give your pool a personalized touch. Let’s look at some of the ways you can modify the space around your pool. The best thing is that you can use more than one of the ideas listed below to get the desired touch around your pool.

blocks décor around pool

Concrete Blocks/Pavers: If you are looking for durable, reliable, and beautiful landscaping around your above ground pool, concrete blocks are the way to go. By adding concrete blocks, you can easily transform the space around your pool. You can choose from different colors and also make a step for entering your pool. Similarly, paver patios can also be installed with your above ground pools to get a unique and beautiful look.

Gravel/Rock Boundary: You can also install a gravel rock boundary around your pool to make it appear neat and beautiful. The best way to install this is to make a rectangular or circular boundary around your pool, remove the grass around it, and then lay down the rocks. Gravel or rocks come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, giving you the freedom of personalizing them. Adding gravel or rock will also protect the walls of your pool from grass, weeds, and insects.

plants and flowers around swimming pool

Trees/Plants/Flowers: If you are a fan of greenery around your swimming pool, trees, plants, flowers, and planters are the way to go. You can plant a tree at some distance from your pool where the leaves and branches will not fall in the water. To add shrubs or bushes adjacent to the wall of the pool, you will first need to add mulch surrounding the pool area. You can also go with your favorite flowers to give your pool a pleasant aroma and a colorful touch. You can also place concrete blocks to create a pathway towards your pool. When placed in between the flowers and plants, the concrete blocks will look wonderful and give your pool a very tidy and unique look. You can also use planters to add beauty to your lawn. Planters have a lot of benefits as compared to simple plants. You can move them easily during winters when your pool is closed. You can also place them in other areas of your home.

Walkways: Walkways are installed by many people around the above ground pools. When your pool is located in a garden, the best way to keep the grass safe from people walking over it is to make walkways. A walkway with a gravel rock boundary will ensure that not only your grass stays safe, and also it won’t grow near the walls of the pool.

Decks: A deck will add beauty and usable space around your pool. Adding a deck is a costly way to customize your above ground pool. Most of the decks are made from wood and can be installed according to the space available around the pool. You can also use tiles to add decks, but it will be a little too costly. Adding a deck is one of the best ways to make an above ground pool look like an in-ground pool. Decks will level the surrounding space with the edges of the wall. Some people install decks on one side and install ladders on the other side. Once the deck has been made, you can add pool chairs, tables, canopy, or any other thing you like. Please try to add things that can be taken to other parts of your home or disassembled during the winters as your pool will be closed. If you want more beauty and space, add a multi-level pool deck. It will give you more space; you can put a dining table and mini bar on your deck.

Shade: Another way to add beauty to your above ground pool is to add a shade. You must install a retractable shade and not a permanent one because you want the sun to shine on your pool when the winter season starts. Shades will not only make your pool look nice; they will also provide cover from the scorching sunshine in summers.

Lighting: To make your pool aesthetically pleasant during the night, add some lighting around it. You can add lamps, hanging lights, colorful lights, and fluorescent bulbs according to your mood. Adding lights to your pool increases the beauty and makes your swimming pools safe at night, and reduces the chances of injuries. You can also add some lights around your deck, walkways, in or around plants to get your desired look.

Lounge: Some people turn their rectangular above ground swimming pools into a lounge. You can do this by making a wooden bench along with one of the sides of the pool and then adding cushions and placing tables in front of the bench. It will give a unique and beautiful look to your lawn.

Final Words

There is literally no limit when it comes to making your above ground pool look nice. You have to keep in mind your budget while doing modifications around your pool. The most affordable and beautiful way to make your above ground pool look nice is to go with trees/flowers/planters, a walkway, gravel boundary, along a ladder. It is affordable and changes the look of your pool entirely.

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