Top 3 Custom Pool Table Cloth in 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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The pool table cloth can be of different types. What if you customize a pool table cloth according to your desire? It would be very pleasant to have a pool table cloth with your favorite team’s logo or your favorite player’s tattoo on it. You can even select the fabric and the color of the cloth.

Custom Pool Table Cloth

Mostly, the companies print virtually everything on the pool and snooker table cloth. They use high-quality images to print on the pool table. It can be a high-resolution JPEG image or a Photoshop file. Since the image would be printed in a variable size on the pool table cloth, it should produce a life-like effect after printing.

The manufacturers below work on the image devotedly to print it according to your desire. Every image they print is according to your desire. The image is of your choices and the pool table cloth is always preferred by them. It’s because they care about your feelings and they want to create a fantastic and reliable design on the pool table cloth. However, the choice of cloth colour is always yours.

1. 8′ Detroit Red Wings Felt by The Holland Bar Stool Co.


Holland Bar Stool Co. Detroit Red Wings Pool Table Cloth

The custom felt used is a worsted-cloth, which means all of the long hairs of the wool are mechanically combed out, in order to prevent the “nap” or “fuzz” of regular cloth. The worsted cloth is a tournament-grade cloth, which allows the ball to move at a faster pace. The logo that you desire is not just stamped on top of the cloth, instead, it is actually impregnated into the center of the cloth. This prevents the logo from wearing away due to long periods of light exposure or numerous games.

The cloth fabric is always selected with great care for longevity and reliability. The regular size is perfect for any pool table or billiard table. However, you can order in any size.

  • Even play surface
  • Full cloth set for rail and table
  • Exceptional durability
  • Easy to clean
  • No cloth fabric choice

2. 8′ Detroit Tigers Felt

8 inch Detroit lions felt in polyester


We also have matching 3-shade billiard lamps to match any sports team you desire! Don’t hesitate, make your pool table the talk of the party now! We also have any memorabilia that you may need to put the finishing touches on your “man-cave” or basement.

Now enjoy your favourite MLB logo on your pool table. It’s made of 100% polyester and has been designed for billiards players. Show your team spirit on this high-quality pool table cloth. It comes with a special anti-friction coating for better control of the cue ball. The cloth comes with a 40g laminate backing to manage ball speed properly. This table cloth is a perfect addition to your game room. You can get it on order too. Every piece of cloth covers both the bed and rails. The MLB logo is in the center of the pool table, but doesn’t interfere with the game.

  • Pure polyester fabric
  • Anti-friction coating
  • 40g laminate backing
  • Pricey option

3. 8′ Detroit Lions Felt

Lions felt pool table cloth

For the fans of Detroit Lions, it’s a golden opportunity to get printed their favourite team’s logo on the pool table cloth. The cloth fabric is high-quality to offer good visualization of the image after printing. It’s suitable not only for the pool table but also for billiard tables. You can place an order to print the logo on any side of the cloth. Usually, we print the logo in the center of the cloth. However, if you want to add it to the side, we respect your suggestions. You are also free to choose the color of the cloth. But the resolution of the image and size is determined by the company.

  • Reliable for smooth game
  • high-quality fabric
  • Fabric color choice
  • Easy to wash
  • Not durable for years

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