Why & How to Add Broates to Your Pool or Hot Tub

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There are so many benefits to adding Borates to your Pool or Hot Tub!

What are Borates??

Borates have a few different functions. Borates are a water softener, a ph buffer, and also help prevent algae. Borates are also reflective, so they give your water an even more sparkling look. They are easy to use too! You only use once a season n or once every fill! Borates do not go away!

Misty water of pool

Most pool stores do not sell Borates for one simple reason: It reduces your chemical demand! This will help keep your Ph and Alkalinity in Balance, help prevent Algae from forming (by block CO2), and in turn, reduce the amount of Chlorine Consumption!

Do you or someone in your family suffer from dry skin or eczema? Borates are a great solution to this issue. Borates add natural moisturizers to the water and help soften and moisturize your skin.

Before you add Borates to your water, make sure that your balancers are within range. There is no way to remove Borates from the water. The only way to reduce Borates in the water is by adding a significant amount of water. Also, it’s nearly impossible to overdose the water! Use once a fill or once a season and you are all set!

Why Add borates to the hot tub or swimming pool?

Borates for pH level

Don’t use too many chemicals in the pool water. If you are using the chemicals excessively to your swimming pool or hot tub, it will be difficult to maintain.

Borate is a specific chemical that’s used for two reasons. One is to maintain the pH level moderate and the other is to balance the levels of pH and TA without affecting each other. Borate brings some benefits if used in moderate quantities. It softens water and prevents corrosion, metal stains and balances the pH level of water, etc.

Some users complain that they have cloudy water and algae growth in the water. Some swimming pool owners complain that they have calcium scaling in their swimming pools. Borate is a single solution to all these problems. You can use borate in a specific quantity to get rid of all these problems.

How many borates Should Be Used?

It’s a chemical and you can’t use it in high quantity. Moreover, you can’t use it for your swimming pool without testing the pH level.

  • Test the pH level. If it’s higher than 7.8 use muriatic acid to reduce it.
  • Use borate in a concentration between 30 – 50 ppm.
  • Now, check the pH level again. Borate will stabilize your pH level and you get refreshing water.

Disadvantages of Using Borate in Swimming Pool/Hot Tub

Borate is an excellent way out to balance the pH level and to get rid of chlorine, metal stains, and cloudy water problems. However, it has some possible drawbacks too.

The following are the drawbacks.

  • They are toxic and harmful for pets like dogs and cats.
  • It’s very harmful to human skin if used in high quantities.

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