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Swimming Pools

Viscount Pools of Metro Detroit offers many different above-ground pools with several shapes and sizes to choose from. If you are looking for an above-ground swimming pool in Metro Detroit then you came to the right place. We have been installing above-ground swimming pools in Metro Detroit since 1967. Find out more information below on the pool models we carry or come into one of our showrooms to see several filled and operational pools and layouts.

Aspen Wind Swimming Pool

Aspen Wind

The Aspen Wind is an above-ground pool that is MADE IN THE USA, and is offered by Metro Detroit Pools. The Aspen Wind is available in both round and oval sizes, sits 52” tall, and contains 6” top rails, 6” verticals, and a precision frame that offers superior structural integrity. With its rugged construction, and attractive color scheme, the Aspen Wind is sure to help beautify any yard, as well as last for many years. The construction of the pool incorporates galvanized components such as top rails and verticals with resin end caps making the Aspen Wind a one-of-a-kind beauty. The galvanized steel wall is the thickest on the market, making the Aspen Wind one of the most durable and rugged pools on the market. The bottom tracking in which the wall sits is unique, as it is extra heavy and includes a 100% lifetime warranty. Along with a 3yr/100% warranty against manufacturer defects and a 25yr limited warranty on the pool and frame, the Aspen Wind delivers quality that is hard to beat in Metro Detroit. The Aspen Wind is just one of the high quality products found at Metro Detroit Pools.

Graystone Swimming Pool


The Graystone above-ground swimming pool is designed to provide years of pool enjoyment for yourself and your family.

The construction of the pool is what makes this pool different from all other pools. The pool frame and 52” walls have been coated in a Poly-Lam coating. The Poly-Lam coating makes the wall resistant against corrosion and weatherization. The wall and the 6” rugged top rail contain an interlocking stabilizer system for added strength. The wall of the pool has a tru-lock closing system that allows for a tighter hold and smoother liner installation.

This pool is available in a variety of different Round and Oval sizes.

Silver Interlude Swimming Pool

Silver Interlude

Silver Interlude is a very ruggedly constructed pool. It is designed to decorate the backyards of many of our customers. The first 3 years of this pool’s warranty covers 100% against manufacturer defects.

The quality features of this pool include: rugged poly-lam resin 6” top rails, corrugated galvanized steel 54” wall (25% heavier than most other pool walls), precision frame that offers superior structural integrity and also hot-dipped galvanized steel uprights for maximum strength.

The Silver Interlude offers many exciting sizes in round or oval. We take pride in the fact that this pool is MADE IN USA.

Graystone Swimming Pool

The Opera ATR

The Opera ATR is the perfect combination of style and strength. It has been designed to provide you with years of safe family fun. With a 54” Heavy Corrigated wall, Extra Heavy 6.5” Krystal Kote Uprights, an 8” Extruded Aluminum Top Rail, a full 1” Heavy Bottom Rail System, Non Corrosive Resin Base Boots, and a Full Lock Inner stabilizer, The Opera ATR will be an excellent pool choice for anyone.

Here at Viscount Pools in Metro Detroit, we offer The Opera ATR pool in a variety of round and oval sizes. Please call for pricing and more information.

The Latham Semi-Inground

The Latham Semi- In-ground Swimming Pool is sold right here exclusively at Viscount Pools of Metro Detroit, Michigan! This pool is built to last for years of backyard entertainment all while looking luxurious! It can be built as a complete above ground pool, a semi – in-ground pool, or completely in-ground, which makes this pool one of the best! This pool is one of the most rugged pools on the market, from the 52” galvanized steel; it can withstand even the harshest winters that Michigan throws at us! It also contains a durable polymer coping that is UV inhibited so that exposure to constant sun in the summer time won’t fade the beautiful cosmetics of the pool! This pool is also built with a heavy – duty, full print liner! At Viscount Pools of Metro Detroit, we offer the 52” Latham semi – in-ground swimming pool in a variety of rounds and oval sizes, along with the “key – shaped” pool! So if you can’t decide between an above – ground pool or an in – ground pool, we’ve got the perfect solution for you!