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Swimming Pool Ladders

Viscount Pools of Metro Detroit offers many different styles of swimming pool ladders. Whether you are looking for a simple low cost solution or a strong and rugged model we have the right ladder to fit your needs.

Ladder Pro Series #200300

Pro Series #200300

If you like to keep it simple, look no further than the deck entry Main Access Pro Series ladder. This is an economy level pool ladder that incorporates both strength and safety into its design. Featuring extra high and strong safety rails, the Pro Series will hold up to 250 pounds. This ladder is ideally made for above ground pools, with a deck, with a height of 48″ to 54″. If you want an easy installation with a simple design, then this is the ladder for you!

Ladder Easy Incline #200200

Easy Incline #200200

If you are looking for something a little more complex, choose the Main Access Easy Incline ladder. With its wider steps, and its no-slip grip, this ladder makes getting in and out of your pool easy, yet safe. The Easy Incline features a tread depth of 9-1/2 inches at the bottom, working its way to a 6-1/2 inch top, and extra high adjustable aluminum handrails. It holds up to 350 pounds, and is ideal for pools with a 48″ to 54″ wall height. Viscount Pools wants to help you choose a safe, easy, and affordable ladder for your swimming pool!

Ladder The Step-1 Confer

The Step-1 Confer

One of the strongest pool ladders we carry at Viscount Pools, is the Confer Step-1. This ladder is designed for easy pool entry; Ideal for above ground pools with flat bottoms, and a 48″ to 58″ wall height. The Confer Step-1 features large, flat steps making entry and exit a breeze. The side openings allow water circulation to help reduce algae growth over time. Even though it is economical, it is very strong and holds a maximum weight of 400 pounds. With its easy, snap together installation and its gray steps for visibility in water, this simple, yet effective ladder could be perfect for you!

Ladder Curve In-Pool

The Curve In-Pool Step System

Here at Viscount Pools, if you are looking for something strong, yet elegant, then The Curve In-Pool Step System is right for you. This step features a sweeping “wedding cake” look that many people desire in a pool step. You can assemble the step with the treads curving either inward or outward as you see fit. The eye-catching, sloping handrails that it features add a look of sophistication to your pool step. The Curve also has adjustable base pads to compensate for a slightly – dished pool floor. With a tread width of over 27 inches and a max weight limit of up to 400 pounds, what more could you ask for!

Evolution A-Frame Ladder

Evolution A-Frame Ladder

Features a strong and sturdy design that is adjustable to fit 48” to 54” high pool walls. Includes snap-lock treads for quicker, easier assembly, with five treads on each side. The outer treads swing up and locks for safety (padlock included). Full 16” inside tread width. The Evolution ladder features a large top platform and allows you to fill it with water so the ladder does not float. Also comes with a five – year pro-rated warranty.

Integrity A-Frame Pool Ladder

Integrity A-Frame Pool Ladder

The Integrity ladder is one of the strongest and most ruggedly built above – ground pool ladder. It is molded of high quality and sturdy thermoplastics that will last a lifetime! This ladder will turn away harsh pool chemicals, including UV rays from the sun! The Integrity ladder has 5 wide steps, each 10” apart, making it an easy incline compared to other ladders. It is adjustable for all pool wall heights from 48” – 54” tall. This ladder can convert from A – frame to a deck ladder, all while making it child safe with the outside steps being removable and portable. Also includes a five year pro – rated warranty.

Roll-Guard A-Frame Safety Ladder

Roll-Guard A-Frame Safety Ladder

Features a contemporary design in a warm gray color to complement a brown or gray tone pool. It has large 5” X 18” wide treaded steps, curved side rails with strength in mind, inner side rails with integrated side barriers to prevent entry behind the ladder and is easy to assemble with minimal hardware. The Roll – Guard adjusts to fit pools 48” to 56” tall and has a lockable roll-guard barrier (lock included). It features an extra large platform to get in or out of pool and allows you to fill side rails with water to prevent floating. Comes with a five year pro-rated warranty.