Why Buy A Hot Tub?

If this is your first time owning a hot tub, you may be asking yourself many important questions along the lines: “What are the benefits?” “Do we really want/need one?” Well long story, short…… YES! There are MANY great benefits to owning a Great Lakes or an Emerald Spa! In many ways it will enhance your lives, not only physically, but mentally too! We’ve come up with a short, but helpful list of reason why you should buy a hot tub!

1. Physical Reasons – Relax your joints and muscles!

The hydrotherapy from multiple jets will soothe away the aches and pains, along with the warm temperatures! Your joints and muscles get worn out from strenuous activity throughout the day, and need a little down time. The heat and massaging motions from your hot tub will loosen you up and improve your range of movements.

2. Start/End Your Day Feeling Great!

What better way to start your day than emerged in a hot tub watching the sun come up, with your morning cup of coffee? Theres nothing like relaxing your mind and body before your hectic work day begins! Not a morning person? Then end your day in your hot tub! Let the jets and warm water take away the stress or worries that may on your mind, at least for a few cycles!

3. Enjoyable Family Time!

It’s time to put down the cell phones, step away from the computers or T.V.’s and just RELAX! If your idea of a great night includes board games and dinner with the family, than you NEED a hot tub! What better way to have quality family time and conversations than soaking and unwinding in the family hot tub?! Instead of communicating through technology about each other’s day, you can now end your day talking face to face about a child’s sports practice, your days at work or school.

4. Sleep Improvement!

Simply put; the more relaxed you feel, the better you sleep.


So what are you waiting for? I think your mind is made up… you need a hot tub! These are just a few of the MANY benefits that a hot tub will bring to your home! Come to Viscount Pools of Clinton Twp. and Chesterfield to learn more about the hot tubs we carry made by Emerald and Great Lakes. Did we mention they’re made right here in Michigan too? On top of that, we have an IN HOUSE crew that will deliver and place the spa for you!



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