Use Salt Support System For Salt Pools!

Do you have a salt water system on your pool and are looking for a chemical system to obtain maximum clarity and to protect your salt cell? We would like introduce you to Salt Support for salt water pools because even salt needs support! This system begins as a three step system of chemicals to improve your salt pool.

Step 1 is called START. We add a bucket of START at the beginning of the season. This product, similar to salt, does not leave the water and an application lasts all season. Using Start has many benefits such as improving water comfort, reducing pool operating costs, keeping water balanced for longer periods of time, eliminating corrosion and scale, reducing filter maintenance, improving water clarity and decreasing generator cell activity. Using this product at the beginning of the season provides many benefits and is only a once a season application.

Step 2 is our WEEKLY BOOST. Due to users and our environment our pools naturally become contaminated. We use BOOST to break down those contaminants from our pool through oxidation. Using BOOST saves your generator cell and filter from overworking. The great thing about BOOST is that even if you do not use a salt water generator, you can still use this product weekly to eliminate contaminants from the water.

Step 3 is our WEEKLY CLEAN. This product acts as a pool brush in a bottle! Naturally, our pools attract many different materials that make our pools dirty and affect the quality of our water. Using WEEKLY CLEAN keeps your water and surfaces clean and clear. Using this 3-step system includes so many benefits. Any of your Viscount sales associates can give you more information as far as how much of each product to use weekly. Aside from the 3-step system, Salt Support has other products to improve your pool water. Salt Support makes a CELL CLEANER to eliminate buildup from your cell so that your salt cell can operate to its best ability and last longer. You mix this salt cell cleaner with 3 gallons of water in a bucket or pail and allow the cell to soak for 15-30 minutes. It is important to clean your cell so that your cell can do its job producing chlorine efficiently. Lastly, we have a chemical called METAL MIRACLE that can be used in not only salt water pools, but pools that sanitize using chlorine. Over time our pools accumulate metals such as copper and iron that create unwanted stains and damaging your equipment. This product is great for any pool user to eliminate metals from your water, remove scale, protect plumbing, your generator and equipment, and helps eliminate metallic staining from your pool.

Using these three simple steps you can have a clear pool and protect your equipment. This system will help prevent problems with water clarity, protect and extend the life of your equipment, and improve your water quality and overall feel of the water. Come see your Viscount sales associates to gain more information on these products and to reach maximum water clarity for your salt water pool!



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