The Pros & Cons Of Chlorine Stabilizer

Pros and Cons to using Chlorine Stabilizer:

Cyanic Acid is the ingredient used in chlorine stabilizer or conditioner. We use chlorine stabilizer to prevent the loss of chlorine due to sunlight. We are here to inform you on the pros and cons to using this product.

There are many pros to using chlorine stabilizer. Chlorine stabilizer acts like a shield to protect your water from the loss of chlorine due to sunlight. We add this product at the time of opening to protect our pools throughout the season. Using a chlorine stabilizer helps users save on chlorine and other chemicals throughout the season. The sun can remove liquid chlorine in less than 24 hours. Chlorine stabilizer is also very important for a salt water pool. Your stabilizer level should be around 50 ppm when using a salt water pool so that your generator does not need to work as hard to produce chlorine. A chlorine pool should have a stabilizer level that ranges from 30 ppm- 100 ppm. If you are using chlorine tablets as maintenance for you pool, you should know that chlorine tablets do contain chlorine stabilizer. Using a chlorine stabilizer shields your pool to prevent chlorine loss throughout the season.

Similar to any other product, chlorine stabilizer does have some cons. The most important thing to remember while using a chlorine stabilizer is that there is no way to eliminate chlorine stabilizer from your water unless you drain a percentage of the water if you exceed the limit of 100 ppm. Having a stabilizer level of over 100 ppm can cause multiple problems. Chlorine stabilizer is an acid therefore when you exceed the limit of chlorine stabilizer, you water becomes acidic which will lower you pH and alkalinity. Having acidic water with a low pH and alkalinity will cause swimmers itch, ear infections, will turn a blonde individual’s hair green, and is extremely hazardous to swim in. Having a high level of chlorine stabilizer will also decrease the effectiveness of your chlorine.

Chlorine stabilizer is a great product when using it correctly. It is recommended to test your water at home or bring in a sample to your Viscount water testing professionals to see where your chlorine stabilizer level is before adding when you open up this season.

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