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How to find the perfect above ground pool ladder

Before you shop in a retail store, you need to make sure you are buying the right above ground pool ladder for the type of pool or deck you have. It’s a good thing that here at Viscount Pools of Clinton Twp. and Chesterfield we have a wide variety of ladder styles in order to fit everyone’s needs!

There are two kinds of above ground pool entry systems: a-frame ladders and step systems, and there are two questions you have to ask yourself before shopping for a pool entry system…




  1. What type of pool entry system do I need?  


Pool Step System or Stair Entry System

step-one ladder

These pool entry systems are recommended if you have handicapped or elderly swimmers who will be using the pool. They can hold more weight and are much easier to use than a pool ladder. They tend to have less of an incline when moving up and down the stairs. These pool steps are also a safe place for young swimmers to rest if they can’t touch the bottom of the pool. However, pool steps do tend to run slightly more expensive, but they are worth the investment- plus grandma will thank you.

They come in two styles:

  • Heavy-duty plastic resin
  • Aluminum frame with plastic resin steps


A-Frame Pool Ladders

standard a-frame ladder

A-Frame Pool Ladders are a quick up-and-over, easy way to get in and out of your pool without spending a huge chunk of money. Unlike pool steps, they do have a steeper incline/decline when moving in and out of the pool. These are not the ideal entry systems if you will have elderly swimmers.

A-Frame ladders come in three styles:

  • Aluminum rails with plastic resin steps
  • Stainless-steel rails with plastic resin steps
  • Complete heavy-duty plastic resin steps and rails



  1. Do you have a pool deck?

If you have a deck, there are a-frame ladders and step systems that will simply connect to a wooden or aluminum deck using deck anchors, bolts or screws, and drop right into the water without a problem.



Specialty A-Frames: Ladder or Ground to Pool Entry System

This type of ladder is a must-have for people who have an above ground swimming pool without a deck.

There are two different types you can choose from.

  • A-Frame ladder on the outside with a stair entry system– a ladder to climb up the outside and a step system easing down into your pool.
  • A-Frame with a stair entry system on both sides– pool step system up and a pool step system down into your pool.


The last type is the easiest to get in and out of your pool, but also the more expensive choice of the two.


*SAFETY NOTE: Any a-frame ladder or step that you buy should have a way to keep out children, and other unwanted guests, to enter your pool without supervision. Most ladder-style a-frames will have a way to flip up the outside ladder and lock into place. If you decide to get an a-frame entry system with stairs, make sure it has an external locking gate.



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