Swimming Pool Closings

 For those of you out there that still have swimming pool that looks like this or close to….

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Let our In-House crew here at Viscount Pools of Metro Detroit help you get your favorite summer-time backyard getaway look more like this….

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Here we take pride in making sure that your swimming pool is closed the right way and ready to bear the tough Michigan winters! Our pool closing process starts by draining the pool to proper winterization level, and making sure the pool is as clean as you want to see it when you open it! Next we plug your return jet and skimmer (optional, if you have an Aquadoor). After we disassemble your filter system, and make sure it is ready for you to store over the winter. Filter systems should not be left out in the winter conditions due to possible freezing and cracking because of water that may have been left behind. Our pool closings also include a well thought-out combination of pool closing/winterizing chemicals. These chemicals are meant to keep your pool water crystal clear all winter long until it is time to open. Our goal is to prevent any, if not all algae growth or cloudiness. Once we add these chemicals to the pool water, we make sure your underground lines (center drain / main drain system) are closed properly as well… if you have them. Using our specially-designed attachments, we force NON-TOXIC SWIMMING POOL antifreeze into your bottom lines. If you are closing your pool yourself, be sure not to use RV antifreeze due to the fact that it is very high sodium, which can alter your pool water chemistry. High amounts of sodium in an above-ground pool can be corrosive over long periods of time with stagnant water. Once your center drains are closed correctly, Viscount Pools will put your winter cover on, and secure it down with your cable and wench, and any other type of pool cover security you would like (e.x.- blue clips or winter cover seal). Here at Viscount Pools of Metro Detroit, we are delighted to close your swimming pool, or you can stop into one of our two locations here in Metro Detroit so we can answer any questions for you!

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