Start Blue & Stay Blue With Sustain Pool Chemicals!

Do you want your pool to start blue and stay blue? With a simple 3- part system you can achieve your dreams of a clear blue pool all season. This low maintenance and easy system is called Sustain. Sustain is a calcium based system that involves three easy steps to treat your water with throughout the season.

The first step is using the Sustain Summer Shield. You use Summer Shield once a season and this product is your chlorine extender. One quart of this product will treat 10,000 gallons of water. Summer Shield protects the water throughout the season if the chlorine level were to suddenly drop to maintain water clarity. After this initial dosage at the beginning of the season, you will not use this product until you open up next season. The next step is to use the Sustain 3-inch Blue Calcium Hypochlorite Tablets. One tablet will treat 10,000 gallons of water and contains 68% of available chlorine. This blue bucket full of tablets comes with an adjustable skimmer dispenser. Only once a week you treat your water with the correct amount of these 3-inch tablets directly in your skimmer inside of the skimmer dispenser cup. The final step is to use the Sustain ¾-inch Shield Energizer Tablets. These little tablets perform two duties. They recharge your chlorine from the Sustain Summer Shield chlorine extender and they provide routine shocking to the water. These tablets come in a pink bucket that is provided with a cup for measuring. You will add a cupful per 5,000 gallons of water and you add this cupful directly to the skimmer once a week. Users may add these tablets on separate days of the week that are completely up to them. Essentially you are only treating your pool twice a week so this system is very low maintenance and very effective.


Now you may be wondering about the opening and closing of your pool using this system. Opening your pool using Sustain is the same instructions as opening your pool using any other chemical system. We start the pool up by adding the proper amount of a shock treatment for the amount of gallons of your pool and by adding the proper amount of stabilizer for your size pool. Instead of opening up with an algaecide, Sustain users simply use their Summer Shield. Following the normal opening procedure, you next follow up with using your Sustain Calcium Hypochlorite tablets and your Sustain Shield Energizer tablets. Closing your pool using this system is no different than closing any other pool. We will have closing kits at our stores for your size pool towards the end of the season.

Using Sustain has many benefits such as low maintenance and an algae free pool. Using this easy 3-part system will allow you to start blue and stay blue throughout the duration of the pool season.


Check out the Sustain Pool Chemical Brochure too!


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