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A spa is a great addition to have at home, especially this time of year. Other than the physical benefits it gives, it’s also a great way to fit some quality family time into everyone’s hectic schedules! But what is a spa without its accessories?! Here at Viscount Pools Clinton Twp. and Chesterfield, we carry numerous spa accessories that will enhance your time spent in your spa along with keeping it clean and ready to use!

One of our more beneficial accessories is the “Scum Ball.” The scum ball is made for both pools and spas! Have you ever found yourself relaxing in your spa, and when you look at the surface of the water, there seems to be a layer of oils floating on top? That is caused simply from our natural body oils, laundry detergents, make-up, sweat, perfumes, and of course LOTIONS / TANNING LOTION! All of these factors are what will cause that oily film on top of your spa water. Well the “Scum Ball” is designed to eliminate oil build-ups along with water lines, and foaming around the inside of your spa. Simply put the Scum Ball into the water and let it float constantly. When it becomes dirty, simply clean it, and then use it again!



 Another popular spa accessory we carry is the “Spa Caddy.” When you have a few friends over for a relaxing night of drinks and spa time, most people struggle with a place to set their drinks while actually enjoying the spa. If you own the spa, have you started to tally the number of spilled drinks in your spa? You’re not the only one! Well let the Spa Caddy solve all of that. The Spa Caddy is a swiveling shelf / tabletop that mounts right to the side or cabinet of your spa! Simply screw the mounting bracket in whichever position around your spa, and no more spilled drinks in your tub! And no worries, when you close your hard cover, just swivel the caddy outwards, away from the spa and your cover fits just the same!



 One of our main spa attachments is our “Cover Lifters.” These great products are made to assist you in lifting your spa hard covers off of your spa! Most people find themselves needing the hydrotherapy of their spa, simply from having to lift their heavy, water-logged hard cover off their spa! Well, no more over-exerting yourself! Invest in a Cover Lifter; they are easy to install and come in two different styles, to ensure that they will fit any spa! The Cover Lifters are made in an “under-style” option or a “side-mount” option! The side-mount screws into the sides of your cabinet, while the under-style allows you to mount the lifter lower on your tub or have the optional plates that slide underneath your tub, and uses the weight of your tub as an anchor! Either way, there is a Cover Lift for you!



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On top of all of the accessories talked about above, here at Viscount Pools of Metro Detroit we also carry an accessory that helps our customers who have well water, or hard water! It is call the “Bobby.” The Bobby is an attachment that screws onto the end of your garden hose, and it uses extremely fine filtration to filter out a large portion of metals and unwanted minerals! Now, it does not filer out every single unwanted metal, but it will significantly reduce the amount, which will help with your spa’s water chemistry! And the best part? It is good for 10,000 gallons of water! So you can use it, time and time again when you refill your spa!


The accessories talked about above are only a select few! We also carry a variety of others that include:


Spa Steps – 2-tier steps in a variety of colors

Scrub Mitts – to clean and scrub the spa shell

Spa Pillows – for extra comfort

Spa Bubble Covers – for underneath your hard cover

Cover Clips and Cover Clip Straps – for securing your hard cover

Spa Vacuums – Suction based to get dirt and grit off the bottom

Replacement Hard Covers – Custom made to the dimensions you give


We also carry spa scents! Which come in crystal form or liquid form that you can add right to the spa water in order to the aromatherapy aspect to your relaxation! And the bonus to these aromas is that they do not harm or affect your water chemistry!




Speaking of water chemistry, here and Viscount Pools Clinton Twp. and Chesterfield, we test spa water with all year around… for FREE! So come get the expert’s advice, and check out all of our wonderful spa accessories!



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