Sleep Benefits of Owning A Hot Tub!

Did you know that owning a hot tub could benefit your health?

Relaxing in a hot tub prior to going to bed can actually ease your body and mind into a deeper, more beneficial sleep! According to the NSF (National Sleep Foundation) about 132 million people in America suffer from a type of sleep disorder. Many cases of insomnia are traced to one’s hectic and stressful lifestyles and daily routines. Sleep deprivation can cause a number of issues with one’s health, including grogginess, mood swings, soreness, and even depression. Instead of resorting to over-the-counter sleeping aids, why not turn to your relaxing hot tub before bed?

There have been many research studies done on minor sleeping disorders, and results showed that among many thousands of people, warm water bathing was one of the most popular remedies. Studies show that soaking in hot water before bedtime can ease your transition from a stressful mood into a deeper, more health beneficial rest.


 Ever notice that while you are swimming or in your hot tub, that your body doesn’t seem as heavy? Or you find yourself able to lift or move in ways that may be painful outside of the water? Give props to water’s buoyancy! Water’s buoyancy reduces body weight by about 90%, relieving the pressure that is constantly on muscles and joints, giving you a weightless sensation. The combination of the massaging jets and hot water leave you feeling physically and emotionally relieved.


 In addition to the soothing affects of soaking in a body of hot water, non-overpowering aromatherapy fragrances are also known for their calming effects on a person’s mind and body. Popular scents that are known for inducing a peaceful sleep are: chamomile, lavender, jasmine, and vanilla. Here at Viscount Pools of Clinton Township and Chesterfield, we carry all of these scents, along with a line of “Rx” aromatherapy crystals. These include aromatherapy that targets; joints & muscles therapy, stress therapy, energy therapy, a detox therapy and even a sports therapy.


 So forget those sometimes, addictive over-the-counter sleep aids, and come check out an alternative for a better night’s sleep. We carry a line of hot tubs that vary from a small 2-person hot tub, to a large 8-person hot tub. Whatever your needs may be, let us help you in getting more health-beneficial sleep!



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