Professional Swimming Pool and Hot Tub Water Testing

Water Testing

Although it is good practice to test your chemicals from home, we do not recommend solely relying on this method. The accuracy of the home tests can be questionable. We recommend bringing in a water test upon opening, closing, and after a large rain or every few weeks throughout the season to have it tested by a Certified Pool and Spa Professional. The more accurate the water analysis, the better prepared we are to address hazards, performance and pool maintenance.

There are a few different test methods to use at home. The most popular is the dip and read test strips. This method gives you a quick parameter or range of your water quality. These are most commonly used to verify that the water contains chlorine. More involved testing is necessary with this method.

Another at home method is the use of the drop test kit (Colorimetric). Users beware of these kits though. The drops need to be kept inside and out of sunlight. They should also be replaced very year. These kits only test for PH and Total Chlorine. It is very important to test your alkalinity before attempting to adjust your PH. More involved testing is necessary with this method as well. Read our blogs on Water Balance and Chlorine Lock to better understand the importance of testing Free Chlorine and Alkalinity levels.

At Viscount Pools of Metro Detroit, we understand that water testing is a science, and accurate results are very important. We want to ensure all of our customers have clean and healthy water. We understand that it can be hard to interpret test results. This is why we use the LaMotte, WaterLink Spin System. This system ensures accurate results down to the decimal point, and we write all the measuring and instructions for you.

We take the guessing game out of water testing. Bring in a water sample regularly to Viscount Pools of Clinton Township or Chesterfield in order to help keep your water safe, clean and problem free.



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