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What would a pool table be without it’s bumpers?

Depending on what style, brand or type of pool table that you may have, determines what style bumper rail you have. Of course, there are a variety of styles of rails with different profiles, but how do you decide which style you need? How do you decide if its time to  replace those bumpers? Well thats easy, bring them to us here at Viscount Pools of Metro Detroit!

Let us replace your old, cracked and dry-rotted bumpers with new ones! Each pool table requires a certain rubber bumper profile! Each profile has a certain distance that the rubber extends from the rail, along with a certain angle at which the “nose” of the rubber points. Once we determine what profile rubber your rails require then the replacement process begins.

Our professional pool table service team will first remove the existing cloth from the rails, and then begin removing the old, hard and cracked rubber strips from the actual rail.

 IMG_6129   IMG_6130

Once we remove the old rubber, we make sure that there is no old glue or residue left on the rail itself. If need be, we take the time to scrape away any remnants of the old rubber and glue, in order to create a smoother bonding surface for the new piece of rubber. Once the bonding surface is cleaned, we begin attaching the new bumpers. We use a specially made contact cement to ensure that the new cushions are set in place, and will not budge or shift once you being to play on them. When all of the new cushions are bonded correctly, our team will re-felt all of the rails with your existing cloth and once they are re-installed back onto your table, they will be just like new!

It is important that your rails to not look like the picture above on the left. If your rails feel like they are too hard, and may be dry-rotted, then your game will suffer. Dry-rotted rails will cause pool balls not to bounce at the correct angle, speed or force you may have intended for your shot. So make sure your rails are up to par! Not sure if you need new rubber bumpers? Bring them by either of our locations and a member of our pool table service team will be happy to help!

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