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Here at your local Viscount Pools of Metro Detroit of Clinton Twp. and Chesterfield we fully service any and all pool tables. If you simply need new cloth put on your table, new rubber rails, new pockets, a re-level service, your seams re-waxed or a move service… you have found your people! We do it ALL! Our fully licensed and insured pool table service team will take care of it.


Cloth Services –

If you need new cloth / felt put on your pool table and rails, then give us a call! We carry a variety of colors and styles of cloth! Not to mention when we come out to put the new cloth on your table, we will even make sure your playing surface is level, and if it isn’t… we will make it level for you! We’ll even make sure your seams are sealed as well (between the slate pieces). We offer a few different grades of cloth. Our most common cloth is your standard teflon-coated, 75% wool –  25% nylon championship billiard cloth. We also offer a tournament-grade cloth as well! Play like the pros play! The tournament style is a worsted cloth; meaning it has all of the long wool hairs mechanically combed out in order to allow the pool balls to travel at a faster pace! Better yet, the tournament style cloth can also be personalized with your favorite professional sports team or college team! Plus the logo of your choosing is impregnated into the cloth, not jut stamped on; meaning it won’t fade over time or peel up after numerous games.

Or if you just want to purchase new billiard cloth from us for your table bed and rails, we also sell it! Along with everything you will need to re-cloth your table!

Cloth Color


Rail Services –

We offer a few different rail services as well! The rails tend to be one of the more difficult aspects of the table when it comes to servicing them. Some of our rail services include:

Re-Clothing: Customers bring their rails to one of our locations and our pool table service team replaces the old, fading cloth with brand new cloth. While replacing the cloth, our team will inspect your rubber rails to make sure they are up to par, along with pulling out any unnecessary staples that may have been underneath the old cloth.

New Rails / Bumpers: If you are noticing that your pool balls are not rebounding off your rails like they should be, that is an indication that your rubber bumpers are bad and need to be replaced! And guess what, our pool table service team does that too! We will remove your cloth, and then remove your old, hard, dry-rotted rubber bumpers. In order to put your new bumpers on, we make sure there is no residue left from your old ones by scraping the contact surface. We then add the contact cement and attach the new rubber. Once they are cemented in place, our team cuts the rubber to fit your rail and then we re-cloth all of your rails!


Pocket Services –

Pockets can be a little tricky, because there is such a wide variety when it comes to this industry. The hard part is determining what style pocket your table requires. Some tables use plastic drop-pockets, others use a leather pool tale pocket. The plastic drop-pockets come in all different sizes, so we make sure we get you the right size! The leather pockets differ in size, quality and appearance. They come in different colors, some have fringe; some don’t. The easiest way to replace your pockets it to bring in one of your pockets to one of ur locations and our pol table service team will determine which pockets you need!


Re-Level Services –

Our services also include re-leveling billiard tables. You can tell if your table needs to be re-leveled when your find your pool balls rolling in odd directions, or favoring a certain area of your table. When our team comes out to re-level your pool table, they re-level the slate playing surface, not the frame of the table. In order to ensure that your playing surface is aligned correctly, our team uses a machinist level and levels each piece of slate individually, whether you have a one-piece slate table or a three-piece slate table. By the time our team leaves your home, your table will be ready to play on!


Seam Services –

These services pertain mostly to three-piece slate tables. When you look or feel your table’s playing surface, can you feel the seams in between each piece of slate underneath the cloth? Or do you feel small pits where the slate screws hold the slate to the table frame? If so, then you may need a seam service. This is where our team comes out to your home and fills any cracked seams and pits. The process starts by pulling off your cloth and then making sure all three pieces of slate are level. The team will then use a highly specialized bees wax to fill the seams. They heat the bees wax in order to melt it into the seams and holes, once the wax is dry they scrape any excess off and make sure it is completely flush to the table. They then re-cloth the table and your table is ready to play on again!

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Move Services –

Here at Viscount Pools of Metro Detroit we do hundreds if pool table move jobs a year! I swear our team could move a table in their sleep! There is a wide array of pool table move jobs, and price is dependent on what time of service you may need. Here are just a few of the pool table move jobs we encounter weekly…

Room to Room: Some customers rearrange their houses and decide that they need to move their pool table to a different room in the house. Our team will be more than happy to break the table down and re-set it up in another room, basement or even garage!

House to House: If you a used table from a friend, family, or even online and need it picked-up, moved and re-set up at your home, we do that too! We will arrive at the place of pick-up, and break down the table (if it already hasn’t been) and bring the table to your home. Once we are at your home, our team will inspect the table and re-asssemble it to make sure that it will be ready to play by the time our team leaves your home.

Breakdown, Storage & Re-Assemle at a later date: A pool table move job sometimes entails having to store the table at a different location for a period of time. These are common as well. We run into these types of move jobs when customers are having flooring re-done in their home, or when a natural disaster happens, like a flooded basement, or even when they are moving homes and haven’t decided where to put the table yet. Our team will come to your home and disassemble your table and either take it to a personal storage unit, or we can store it at one of our locations until you are ready to have it re-assembled. Once you are ready to have it back in your home, give us a call and we will set up a time and date to come and re-assemle the table.

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So whatever your pool table service needs may be, I think our team has got you covered! Don’t see the service you need listed? Give either of our locations and we will get it done! Our pool table service team takes pride in fulfilling our customer’s needs and seeing a smile when we leave your home. If your looking to schedule an appointment give us a call!


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