Need Help Removing Stains In Your Pool?

Staining is most likely caused by two common sources:

1) Minerals such as Iron, Copper, and Metals.

2) Plant Matter like leaves, branches, acorn or molds.

To treat the staining, at Viscount Pools of Metro Detroit, we would first, want to perform a detailed water analysis. We prefer doing water tests periodically throughout the season to ensure all preventative measures. When metal are present, we suggest using a sequestering agent right away such as Metal Free, Metal Gone, Scale Free or Metal Control. Always have a pool professional suggest the right sequestering agent, since different products are used best with different issues. It’s very important to balance all chemicals first, to ensure the product works optimally.

Metals and minerals are rough edged molecules, so it’s easy for them to stick together and sick to surfaces causing stains. By using a sequestrian, they will smooth the rough surfaces of minerals, to prevent sticking and staining.

Some metal controllers are better than others, when it comes to the different minerals causing the stain. Some are great at breaking down and removing metals and others are great at removing the surface color of the stain.

Stains caused by organic matter can easily be treated by bleaching the stain or over chlorinating. In some instances, mold can form under the liner, which isn’t so easy to treat. Black mold under a liner must be treated by lifting the line. In some cases, keeping the chlorine high can lighten the color.

Before trying to self-diagnose your staining or metal issues, see a pool professional at Viscount Pools of Metro Detroit and we will get you the right stain control.

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