Metal Staining & Calcium Scaling In Hot Tubs

At Viscount Pools of Metro Detroit, we recommend using 1 oz. of Spa Bright every two weeks, or every time you fill, whichever is most frequent. Spa Bright is used to prevent Calcium Scaling and metal staining caused by hard water. We also recommend using when the calcium is high. People who fill their tub with well water should use this product.

What is Spa Bright?

Metals, minerals and calcium have rough edges. Because of the sharp edges, it is very easy for the particles to attach themselves to surfaces of your hot tub and cause scaling and staining. Whether it is lining your pipes underneath your cabinet, or causing a water line on your shell. You may also notice scaling or staining on your jets! This is also very hard to remove. Spa Bright is a sequestrian, so it builds a smooth bond around the particles, making them round instead of rough, and unable to attach to rough surfaces. Spa Bright is a great product that we clearly recommend to our “well water” customers, but for customers who own a used spa as well. If you own a used spa, and notice that some parts may be rusting, start using Spa Bright to avoid any future water chemistry problems!

Of course, if you are unsure of what chemicals you should or should not be using in your hot tub, bring it to us…. your local pool and spa professionals. Bring us a sample of your spa water, and we will test it using our professional water lab system. Take the guessing out of your water chemistry, and let us handle it!


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