Is Your Hot Tub Cover Heavy & Water-Logged? You Need A Cover Lifter!

The most common problem across the board with hot tub covers is they eventually become heavy and water-logged over time! It’s not just happening to you… it happens to everyone! Here at Viscount Pools, we understand that purchasing a new cover may not always be an option… so we offer you more than one option!

We carry a line of hot tub “Cover Lifters!” It is an assistive device that mounts to your hot tub cabinet, and helps make your life easier when getting in and out of your hot tub! Hot tubs are supposed to help relax your body… not strain it getting in and out!

Our line of Cover Lifters offers a sleek design that doesn’t require much room at all. They are built to last with time, especially in Michigan weather, and they come in a few different styles. We offer a side mount and a under-style mount. Come on in and test one out on one of our showroom models! Make your hot tub experience a little more relaxing than it already is!


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