In-Ground Pool Safety Covers / Closings

If you’re tired of buying a new pool cover every season, why not invest in a safety cover for your in-ground pool? Yes, they may be slightly more money up front, but just think of all the time and money it will save you in the future. If you use a normal pool cover, (anything that is not a safety cover), you have to deal with the dual chamber water tubes all the way around your pool, or any other type of heavy weight you use. It could be cinder blocks, sand bags, water jugs, etc., all of which may cause a mess in the spring, with the possibility of the sand bags bursting under pressure, or water jugs freezing and cracking. Don’t forget about all the leaf-filled, over-flowing water that must be pumped off of the cover before removing it off the pool! Anyone have ALL that dirty water fall INTO the pool either while taking the cover off the pool? How about it all falling in due to holes in your cover? It happens more often than you may think!

Just thinking about pool opening problems should be enough make any in-ground pool owner want a safety cover! Especially after the Michigan winter we experienced this past winter!

This is why here at Viscount Pools of Metro Detroit we recommend safety covers to any and all in-ground pool owners.! It sure does make closing and opening your pool much less problematic and easier! Both our Clinton Twp. and Chesterfield locations SELL AND INSTALL safety covers! We have an IN-HOUSE CREW that can remove or put on your cover on for you! The safety covers we sell can be made to fit ANY SHAPE OR SIZE pool that you have! Our covers have an interlocking seam that also overlie one another to ensure the seam is strong enough to withstand heavy amounts of weight due to snow, leaves, water, etc. The thread that is used to stitch the cover together, is unaffected by harmful and damaging UV rays, to make sure the cover does not deteriorate over long periods of sun exposure. The specially-designed hardware used to anchor the cover into the ground is like none other! We use stainless steel springs to give the covers leeway in order to allow it to stretch and contract in the presence or absence of weight. The brass anchors deliver the crucial strength and solidity allowing your cover to fit firmly and flat across the pool.

We offer a variety of safety covers between the mesh covers and the solid safety covers. They also come in an assortment of colors to match any type of backyard scheme you may have going on! The difference between the mesh and solid in-ground pool safety covers are pretty straight forward. The solid covers ensure that no water will pass through, keeping all of the debris and water on top of the cover. The mesh covers(more popular) allow the rain and melted snow to pass through, only keeping the debris on top of the cover! Allowing the water to pass through saves having to fill your pool the next spring too!

As you can see, there are numerous benefits to purchasing a safety cover for your in-ground pool! Call one of our locations for more information Clinton Twp – (586) 792-4920 or Chesterfield (586) 948-8717!

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