Find The Perfect Pool Table Light!

How do you find the perfect light to hang over your pool table?

Other than finding the perfect pool table light as far as cosmetics go, you should still be aware that there are certain ways you should hang or install the pool table light, or certain styles that fit select basements and previous lighting that should be taken into consideration.

Pool table lights are hung above most pool tables in order to create a warm atmosphere around your pool table. With the proper lighting, you also alleviate any shadows or glares that could potentially be created by the balls themselves or other shadows. Having the correct pool table light above your table also expels the chance of having to strain your eyes or irritate them due to poor lighting.

Every shade on any professional-made pool table light is intricately crafted to meet billiard regulation size. This ensures that every player will have a clear line of sight when shooting, no matter where their shot puts them. Making sure that your pool table light is installed correctly, allows you to shoot from any position on the table without a problem. There are a few different types of pool table lights that are manufactured, and those include:

3 Shade Lights

4 Shade Lights

5 Shade Lights

Tiffany Lights


Of course, the size of your table is what determines what style of pool table light you should be looking at. Obviously, the bigger the table, the bigger your over-head light should be. Here is a list of pool table sizes and what we recommend as far as lighting for each size table:

7′ Pool Table – 3 Shade Light (35″ to 55″ in length)

8′ Pool Table – 3 or 4 Shade Light (40″ to 60″ in length)

9′ Pool Table – 4 or 5 Shade Lights


Ultimately, you should keep in mind how well or how poorly the lighting is in the room where your pool table is set-up. That should help decide which style of pool table light you will need, along with which type of light bulbs you will have to use in your new light as well. If you have any questions you can always stop in at either of our locations, or you can visit our “Ask Wally” page and email our staff with questions!


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