Eight Ball Mafia Pool Cues – Made By Action

Eight Ball Mafia Pool Cues – Made By Action

One notable brand of pool sticks sold by Action Pool Cues is the highly intricate and detailed Eight Ball Mafia line of pool cues. The Eight Ball Mafia brand offers in depth artistic and graphic affects at a very economical price. This line of pool sticks includes grunge art deathscapes, Irish linen wraps, 13mm boar skin tips and 5/16 X 18 piloted joints. They pool cues are also weight-adjustable, and offer extra shafts of 12mm or 13mm. There are more than 10 different cue stick varieties available, ranging in price from only $99 – $109.

8BallMafia Cues

Along with pool cues, the Eight Ball Mafia line also features fully detailed cue stick cases that can house anywhere from one to three full pool cues, with room from two extra shafts! Smaller accessories are also available, such as coin holders, towels, bandannas, patches, gloves, and even clothing apparel! All of these products are made with the same in-depth artistic affects as the pool cues, making this line of products one of the most popular on the market today.

As usual, we offer the entire line of Eight Ball Mafia products at both Viscount Pools of Metro Detroit locations. Call either location and as for one of our billiard specialists to assist you with any questions you may have!



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