Custom Pool Table Cloth

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8′ University of Michigan Table Felt 

Here at Viscount Pools of Metro Detroit, not only do we specialize in professional pool table installs and  pool table service, but we also have the ability to customize your pool table cloth to almost any sports team that you may want. Whether it be a college team or professional team, we’ll make it possible! This is the ultimate touch to your “man-cave” entertainment and will be the talk of the evening for many days to come.

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8′ Detroit Red Wings Felt

The custom felt that we use is a worsted-cloth, which means all of the long hairs of the wool are mechanically combed out, in order to prevent the “nap” or “fuzz” of a regular cloth. The worsted cloth is a tournament-grade cloth, which allows the ball to move at a faster pace. The logo that you desire is not just stamped on top of the cloth, instead it is actually impregnated into the center of the cloth. This prevents the logo from wearing away due to long periods of light exposure or numerous games.

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8′ Detroit Tigers Felt

We also have matching 3-shade billiard lamps to match any sports team you desire! Don’t hesitate, make your pool table the talk of the party now! We also have any memorabilia that you may need to put the finishing touches on your “man-cave” or basement.

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8′ Detroit Lions Felt

Call either of our locations to receive more information on this custom felt for your pool table!

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