Common Water Issues In Spas

Common Water Issues in Spas

A few common issues people run into are cloudy water, foaming, and water ring. A lot of these noticeable issues are caused by not so noticeable problems. I will go over the causes and ways to prevent these issues.

Cloudy water can be caused by quite a few things. The most common reason is due to poor filtration, poor circulation and poor water chemistry. Cloudiness is caused by small particles that are too small to be filtered and unable to be removed by oxidation or super chlorination.

The first step to correct cloudy water is to check / clean your filter. Then, check your water chemistry and correct it. (See a water testing professional at Viscount Pools of Metro Detroit for Best Results.) If the problem still persists, then we recommend using a clarifier. A clarifier will help group all of the small debris together, making it larger and easier for the filter to catch. A clarifier only works when the rest of your chemicals are within range. Make sure to clean you filters regularly, rinse off before entering the water and test your water often to prevent cloudy water.

Lotions, deodorants, detergents, some algaecides, and low calcium hardness are some contributors to foaming. You can use a defoamer to help stop foaming. But the best way to prevent foaming is to always shower before entering the water, check you water chemistry often, and introduce a weekly enzyme, such as Spa Perfect to help break down lotions and oils.

It is common for debris to form at the water line and produce a scum line. This is caused by calcium scale, oils, detergents and other debris. Once a line starts to form, it may start attracting more contaminants. It is good practice to brush the water line often, use a weekly maintenance of Spa Perfect and test water chemistry weekly to prevent water a scum line.

The best ways to prevent any of these issues are to regularly test your water to ensure proper balancers and sanitation, use Spa Perfect weekly, and keep up with regular preventative maintenance. If you ever have any questions or concerns, bring in a water sample for Viscount Pools of Metro Detroit, to do a thorough evaluation of your water. Water testing is always free for our customers!



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