Add Borates To Your Pool Or Hot Tub

There are so many benefits to adding Borates to your Pool or Hot Tub!


What are Borates??

Borates have a few different functions. Borates are a water softener, a ph buffer, and also help prevent algae. Borates are also reflective, so they give your water an even more sparkling look. They are easy to use too! You only use once a season or once every fill! Borates do not go away!

Most pool stores do not sell Borates for one simple reason: It reduces your chemical demand! This will help keep your Ph and Alkalinity in Balance, help prevent Algae from forming (by block CO2), and in turn, reduce the amount of Chlorine Consumption!


Do you or someone in your family suffer from dry skin or eczema? Borates are a great solution to this issue. We have had numerous customers rave about the amazing skin benefits! Borates add natural moisturizers to the water, and helps soften and moisturize your skin.

Before you add Borates to your water, make sure that your balancers are within range. Here at Viscount Pools of Metro Detroit, we will check your water for free! Once everything is in perfect range, add one package of Borates, and you will notice that your Alkalinity and Ph will stay in perfect harmony.

There is no way to remove Borates from the water. The only way to reduce Borates in the water, is by adding a significant amount of water. Also, it’s nearly impossible to overdose the water! Use once a fill or once a season and you are all set!

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