Blade Pool Cues

A newer, exciting line of pool cue sticks that we have come across here at Viscount Pools of Metro Detroit is the Blade line of pool cues. Blade offers cues with a sleek design incorporating black and silver colors, with blade-like designs into every shaft they manufacture. These cue sticks are offered with black linen wrap or a stacked leather wrap on the butt end of the shaft, accommodating anyone’s grip preference. Blade pool cues also feature steel joint protectors on every cue as well. They are manufactured with 13mm Tiger Everest tips and black blade ferrules, giving the player amazing control with every shot they make! These cues feature 5/16 X 18 joints and also include velvet sleeves. Blade also offers extra shafts that are available for purchase in 12mm or 13mm sizes, allowing a player to pick and choose, or customize their pool cue! Blade pool sticks are simple, yet they display intricate blade designs that catch the eye.

Blade Pool Cues 1

This unique line of pool cues offers six different designs, ranging in price from $159 – $ 169, and can be purchases at either of our locations! Want to know which ones we have in stock? Give one of our locations a call, or just stop in and see one of our pool stick professionals! We’ll be more than happy to help you pick out the perfect Blade Cue for you!

Or email us through our Ask Wally Page and someone will get back to you as soon as possible!


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