Athena Pool Cues – We Have Them All!

A unique pool cue manufacturer in the billiard industry is Athena Pool Cues. Athena pool cues are specifically aimed towards female pool players. Their slogan states, “Made by women, for women.” Most of their cues are made to attract the feminine player, using intricate feminine designs and colors.

The pool sticks have a shaft and butt end, 28.5″ long, with a thinner taper. This line of cues also features a 12.5 mm boar skin tip, a 5/16 X 18 joint, and a free 10″ extension. Athena cues are available in weights 17 0z. – 21 oz. and also manufacture extra shafts. These cue sticks are available with black Irish linen wraps as well as colored Irish linen wraps The 10″ extension screws into the butt end of the shaft very easily, allowing the player to have more accessibility to a farther shot. On the butt end of the stick, Athena cues feature a scuffer which can be used to help form and shape the chalk-able tip.


Along with pool cues, Athena also offers cue cases in various sizes such as 2 full cue or 3 full cue cases that also have room for two extra shafts. Accessories are also manufactured by the Athena line such as zebra print towels that can be matched with gloves, or you can purchase a glove separately. The gloves are offered in three different styles.


Overall, Athena pool cues tend to be the brand of choice for most female pool players. This line of pool sticks range in color from hot pink and white, to light purple and black, which tends to appeal to the female player. There is surely a stick that will appeal to everyone. The Athena Pool Cue line offers over 20 different pool cues  to choose from, including a jump-break cue, all of which range in price from $139 – $ 169, and can all be purchased at Viscount Pools of Clinton Township and Viscount Pools of Chesterfield.

If you are looking for a specific cue in the Athena line, or any type of pool cue in general, give us a call, or contact us through out Ask Wally Page! ——-> http://metrodetroitpools.com/ask-wally/

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