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APA Pool Cues By Action

Another brand offered by Action Pool Cues is the APA Line of products. APA cues offer a select line of more than 10 cue sticks, each having a high quality 13 mm boar skin tip, an APA grade Canadian maple shaft that is professionally tapered to 12-12 inches, with weight options between 18 oz. – 21 oz. The pool cues range in price from $89 – $299, offering a variety of pool cues for every skill level player.

APA Cues

 Along with cue sticks, APA also offers pocket-chalk holders, Q-Wiz shaft conditioner, pool gloves, pocket markers and pool cue cases. The pool cue cases capture the essence of traditional qualities with a forward-looking edge. They are sold in the standard single cue cases, and double stick cue cases, along with a few other unique cases. Some of the unique cue cases feature a case that holds on pool cue with an extra shaft, a cue case that can hold 2 full pool cues and has room for 2 extra shafts. APA also carries a cue case that holds 3 pool cues and has room for 2 extra shafts!

APA Cues2

 All of the products mentioned in this blog can be purchases at both Viscount Pools of Metro Detroit locations. Want to see if we have it in stocks, or simply order it over the phone? Give us a call, and we will be glad to help!



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