Action Cue Sticks

Action Cues is one of the largest pool cue companies in the country. They offer multiple lines of pool cues in various styles and price ranges that appeal to just about everyone.

The main line of sticks offered by Action Cues includes top quality manufacturing, affordable pricing, a 13mm boar skin tip, 5/16 X 18 joint, weight adjustable, quick release specialty cue options and have extra shafts available.

The cue shafts offered by Action Cues range from having no wrap at all to an Irish linen wrap, tire tread rubber wraps and etc-relon wraps. Among these shafts are fully colored and detailed pictures of several designs and intricate inlays.

In total, there are more than one hundred different Action Cues available to choose from. they range in price from $69 – $129. All of these pool sticks are available in the Mayhem, Adventure or black and white models, among other basic deigns and “Sneaky Petes.”

Action Cues also offer pool cues that are designed specifically for jumping the cue ball or breaking to open a game of pool. Along with these specialty sticks, Action also carries a line of pool cues for kids. The kid’s line of Action Cues features shorter than regulation sticks, measuring anywhere from 48″ to 52″, while still including sharp visual designs.

All of the Action Pool Cues mentioned can be purchased at Viscount Pools of Clinton Township and Chesterfield. We carry a wide range of pool cue sticks in order to provide the perfect stick for anyone who walks through our doors. So stop in at either location and check out what we have in stock. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Take a look in our catalog, and we’ll order it for you!

Custom pool cues, or specially hand-picked pool cues make the perfect present for any occasion! If you’re not sure which one to get, simply ask one of our pool cues specialists and they will help you in the deciding process!

Check out this website’s catalog for more cue sticks as well! We can get all of them!


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